Who are we?

Supporting supplements for ultimate health

Today’s stresses and sensitivities call for a greater awareness to our health and integrate systems that form our emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. More and more we are also seeing that after prolonged use, certain allopathic medication looses its ability to harness any positive effect.

Implementing supplements that build up and support the body and mind, coupled with regular physical exercise can improve wellbeing tenfold. Strengthening the physical body and helping our emotional and mental wellbeing on a long term basis.

The goal has always been to educate and highlight alternatives for mental wellbeing. So that we can grow and experience life to its fullest without strong side effects that only cause pain and suffering in the long run.


Look GOOD feel GOOD

Its no secret that self esteem has a major effect on our emotional as well as physical health. If we have a good hair day or we feel good with our weight it affects how we think and feel about ourselves and it also affects how we act and react in the outside world and within our relationships.

Self care is just as important as anything else and it starts with good disciplines. Loving ourselves first makes it easier to be open and loving with people in our lives.

The skin always indicates what is happening internally, so start with the correct diet, add healthy supplements and exercise in conjunction with healthy skin care and the results will show themselves.

Need more Support?

Make contact with one of our consultants if you feel you need more support, information or knowledge regarding any of our products. We are affiliated with the relevant specialists for emotional, skin care or weight loss management and support.


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Why choose Luceat?

Luceat prides itself on being small, intimate and personal. The founder has been involved in life coaching and personal development for over 13 years. Its close to her heart to help people with the right tools to live to their highest wellbeing. It was a wonderful coincident that her neighbours own a pharmaceutical company, developing high quality supplements and minerals. With their own practise in weight loss/management and natural help, everything fell beautifully in place for a great business model that anyone can now have access too. Working hand in hand with specialists in weight management, mental health as well as skin care, Luceat has something to offer everyone. For more in-depth help on Mental, Weight or Skin Care please contact us directly.

Highest quality products

Products on the Luceat Store have been formulated with the highest quality in mind. Every product is made to order for maximum quality and results.

Its more than just sales sales sales

Everyone involved in the formulation of the Luceat store and its products have a genuine desire to help people with their health, wellbeing and self esteem. Looking and feeling great from the inside out.

Quality Service

Life is all about relationships and at Luceat its about service and building lasting relationships through quality products and good personal attention to everyone.